Latest update:

Super FK, FK on top of IK in Maya


A little painting. I did it mostly to just relax and to see if I can still remember how to.
I used photoshop for this one and tried to keep the main focus and contrast difference in
the lower right corner.




Bear, Client: Doritos
Rig with muscle system for jiggling action and face rig for expressions.

Client: Nescafe
Muscle systems were added, skinning and rig maintenance/updating.

Mammoth, Client: Hoyhoy
Complete facerig and implementation of different body rig modules from different projects culminating in a final rig for animation. Most processes were scripted using Python

Turtle, Client: king games
Complete body and cartoony facerig. The body and face modules were scripted in Python and the rig was made to scale, bend and deform while still staying on model. I worked closely together with the animators to ensure quality deformation and animation control results.

Queen, Personal project
Two days of speed rigging a Facerig on one of my old models.
The rig features fleshy eyes and smoothly blends in skin deformation such as wrinkles and skin tension.
I used a fairly simple combination of joints and blendshapes to drive the facerig which is controlled with a curve based UI menu in the viewport.

Swiftsweet, Personal project
Swiftsweet is a modelling, rigging, shading and texturing project that I took on in my sparetime where the goal was to create a solid all purpose biped rig using the rig modules that I had scripted earlier. The rig is the result of modules scripted in Python. Hair is a dynamic nHair system and all animation is done by Michelle From.

Blueheart bear, Personal project
Scripted full body rig with bendy and scalable limbs, in the reel I feature only the facerig in dialogue. The facerig has various presets, which can be manually tweaked after initial posing.

Zombie Zack, A zombie rigged for a short film roommate wanted:
This rig features detachable limbs and angle readers to read joint rotation angle and drive blendshapes. The head was a good challenge since it had to be able to do a walk cycle, which it succeeded at doing. Additionally the rig included its own shader which would automatically ensure a seemingly random switching of bump maps for fingerprint variety, since the model had to look like a clay figure.

Easter bunny, deer, Various projects
Both using my scripted quadruped autorig.

Velociraptor/Spider Transformer, Personal project
Transformer rig featuring nCloth wings and various transformation possibilities.

Flower vine rig, Client: Zalando
Vines growing along a animatable curve, done in collaboration with Tim Civil.
Flowers rigged to automatically open from bud to flower via attribute. This is also manually animatable.

Balloons, Client: Perrier
Rigged 10 different balloons where most of it was scripted using Python.
Each balloon has both live dynamic ropes as well as pre simulated ropes and cloth dynamics for quick preview in animation. Additionally I added a deformer that would simulate wind bursts when the controller was brought close. Scaling the controller would also change the influence area and amount.

Flags, Client: Burberry
Two different cloth simulations done with Maya nCloth. The client had very specific needs regarding the way that the cloth fell and was waving afterwards. The simulation and render of the flags were used at an event at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Other updates:

check out my latest interview with Chaos Group:
It talks about how we achieved the stop motion look for our CG film.

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    • Hi Robert, that sounds odd.
      You should be able to move verts once in component mode having the specific curve selected.
      Are you sure you are doing it in the same way I do in my video?

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