FaceRig tutorial


In this video tutorial series I will be taking you through my entire process rigging a face in Maya from start to finish.
The face rig will be production ready and able to tackle a very wide range of motion including squash and stretch.
You will also get the scripts that I use for setting up the rig. These include the
follicle connect script, Extract blendshapes, gridPlaceObjects, CreateCounterGrp, findCenterOfSelection and the distanceReader.py
You will get the rig and work in progress files for each lesson.
This tutorial is recorded in Autodesk Maya and no other software will be used.
This tutorial series assumes that you know basic navigation in Maya.
Download here: Link

20 videos of more than two hours of video and a zip with resources for download.
Videos to download:
Lesson 01 – Checking geometry and creating main controllers for the face.
Lesson 02 – Constrainting controllers and adding jaw joint with skinning.
Lesson 03 – Sculpting shapes part 1 of 6
Lesson 04 – Sculpting shapes part 2 of 6
Lesson 05 – Sculpting shapes part 3 of 6
Lesson 06 – Sculpting shapes part 4 of 6
Lesson 07 – Sculpting shapes part 5 of 6
Lesson 08 – Sculpting shapes part 6 of 6
Lesson 09 – Connecting Ctrl and Shapes part 1 of 2
Lesson 10 – Connecting Ctrl and Shapes part 2 of 2
Lesson 11 – Fixing controller translation
Lesson 12 – Working on lips
Lesson 13 – creating sub lip controllers
Lesson 14 – connecting final shapes
Lesson 15 – squash and stretch
Lesson 16 – fleshy eyes and mid brow
Lesson 17 – lip compress
Lesson 18 finishing the rig
Extra lesson – shape editor
Extra lesson – extract shapes script
Scripts: follicle connect script, Extract blendshapes, gridPlaceObjects, and 3 more.
Wip files, ‘18 files – maya2016 – 2017 – compatible for each lesson’
Diffuse map: TextureMap.png
reference photo library of face shapes, male & female. ‘ 19 photos’
Blendshapes list: Blendshapes_list.pdf

Animator: Michelle From

User license:
The content and it’s concept provided in this package including designs may only be used for educational purposes and is not to be used commercially or sold.
Please do not share or distribute this content online or elsewhere as doing so will undermine the foundation of creation of these tutorials.

Thank you for the support and happy learning!