Feather tutorial

wingCover_aToB_nonscaledIn this series of videos I will be talking about and setting up a feathery wing using Peregrine Labs Yeti together with Autodesk Maya and Solid Angle Arnold.
The focus in this video series is to set up a wing with feathers that can be animated along with the wing.
I will be showing how to set up a simple wing rig which will then drive the feather instances upon rendertime.

You will also get extra videos covering the provided scripts, instancing and of course the installation of Yeti and setup of Arnold renderer.
This tutorial series is only using Arnold renderengine to a minimum, and users of V-Ray and RenderMan can still use this tutorial.
If you are a beginner, mid-level or if you enjoyed my other tutorials and would like to know how to approach setting up a feathery wing, then these videos are for you!

The tutorial is available from :

If you have any questions, as always feel free to contact me, blaabjergb (@) gmail.com

14 videos and a zip for download.
Videos have a resolution of 2048×1280 presented as h.264 quicktimes.

Videos to stream:
01. Preparing the model –  11:20
02. Preparing the rig –  11:43
03. Making feathers part 1 –  18:54
04. Making feathers part 2 – video only ‘timelapse’ –  6:46
05. Extra Simulating guides using maya hair –  3:55
06. Extra Using maps for placement –  4:37
07. Extra Instancing geometry with fur on it –  3:49
08. Extra Installing Yeti – using OS X Yosemite –  3:39
09. Extra Setup Arnold with Yeti –  1:20
10. Walkthrough of the scripts –  4:06
11. Rendering – note on the shader used for the tutorial –  1:11
12. Aim instances – 3:21
13. FolicleRig part 1 – 9:42
14. FolicleRig part 2 – 4:50

extra_scriptsForFeathers.py   – constraint to surface using follicles, draw guide curves based on mesh, create and place joints based on mesh.


2 thoughts on “Feather tutorial

  1. Hi Bjorn!

    Thanks for your tutorial; it’s probably the best ressource to use when you work on feathers. I just have one question: ihow can I assign textures to my groom/feathers?

    Thanks a lot,


  2. i tried this but i’m having a problem whit it when i change the length in instance node it is changing length but its placement also geting changed it is making big problem

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