Scripting tutorials

Below you will find examples of some of my scripting work. I use Mel, Python and Pymel for automating redundant tasks.

Copy skinweights script:
Very useful for quickly copying not just the skincluster, but also for grabbing all influence joints, adding them to new geo skincluster, and THEN copying the skinweights over.

SkinCopy script can be downloaded here:
Simpler, newer version:


Quadruped script:
I keep updating the final script and uploading it so make sure to check back if you have already downloaded this tutorial!


Mouth rig tutorial:
A very easy beginners tutorial which involves placing joints, creating controllers and constraints.

Mouth Module Autorig can be downloaded here:

Matrix math in Maya:

Download file from video here:

Follicle script:
A very very very useful tool for creating constraints that are supposed to stick objects to a mesh, but without wierd rotations and other nastiness.
Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Follicle connect script can be downloaded here:

Examples of work:
UI to setup Arnold render settings with presets. Also shaders can quickly be created.
This is good for saving time in production.




Here is a demo of my autorig in action:


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