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Showreel 2020:

There is a new rig on the web! Pestilence is ready to be downloaded and animated. He comes with a walkcykle animation and is tested working for Autodesk maya 2018 and newer.

Swiftsweet got a new top, a bolero to replace her shoulder pads which were troublesome during animation.

Creating an ik solver in Maya Bifrost:

Download demo file here: link

15 thoughts on “Home

    • Hi Robert, that sounds odd.
      You should be able to move verts once in component mode having the specific curve selected.
      Are you sure you are doing it in the same way I do in my video?

  1. Hello. May you help me … I want to create vector attribute for bend hair, by grooms. earlier version yeti I`am used comb node. now i think it must work by attribute node, but it not working. Please help? if not difficult…

  2. Hi Robert.

    I have a question regarding the Yeti x5 batch render licenses. How I use them ?

    Your answer will very much appreciated.


  3. I’m very new to Houdini. I just downloaded your tutorials for the cat quadruped rig for Houdini. Will release training for facial rigs and Character animation for Houdini anytime soon?

      • I understand. I know Maya is the go to program of choice when it comes to Character Modeling and Animation but i’m determined to be proficient at all things Houdini. I have a project i’m working on involving characters and I want to completely animate it in Houdini as well as modeling in Houdini and Zbrush.

  4. I have create fur for model and I want to import that fur to animation scene. but in animation scene scale of model is smaller. so fur is not working properly. any suggestion.

    • Well scale is not good to change when working with grooming.
      I suggest scaling the entire scene to fit your groom. The groom is scale dependant so always make sure to measure everything out.

  5. an Autograph picture
    Dear Bjorn Blaabjerg
    your movie star wars rise of the skywalker was good. Could I get an Autogeasph picture of you. i lvie at 38 Richman Ave.newburg,h ny 12550.

    Your fan
    Billy keller

    • Hi Billy,
      Thank you I am glad you liked it. I was only a small part of that whole thing, so you should probably look for autographs from one of the supervising artists or the director.

  6. Hey Bjorn, I bought your facial rigging course a while ago and thought it was great. I recently came across this other method for creating facial deformations that looks very interesting and thought you would be capable of making another great facial rigging course based off of it.

    I don’t know anything about python or the graph functions, so I’m not capable of following it. What do you think? Does it look useful, or is it too complicated?

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