Latest update:

Check out Michelles new animation rig for download
Download it from here: https://gum.co/deerAnimRig or with the environment pack: https://gum.co/deerSetpiece

Michelle and I have been working a lot on our personal project and here is the first test animated by Michelle.
It’s our villain character swiftsweet, going for a walk.

We created a facebook page for the film, a bit unconventional perhaps, but it’s easy to manage and update: facebook

I had some fun editing together my latest works in a little video, have a look!

I am currently working on a personal project with Michelle From.


My vimeo:

Project test – cg by me, animation by Michelle From

Super FK, FK on top of IK in Maya

Other updates:

check out my latest interview with Chaos Group:
It talks about how we achieved the stop motion look for our CG film.


10 thoughts on “Home

    • Hi Robert, that sounds odd.
      You should be able to move verts once in component mode having the specific curve selected.
      Are you sure you are doing it in the same way I do in my video?

  1. Hello. May you help me … I want to create vector attribute for bend hair, by grooms. earlier version yeti I`am used comb node. now i think it must work by attribute node, but it not working. Please help? if not difficult…

  2. Hi Robert.

    I have a question regarding the Yeti x5 batch render licenses. How I use them ?

    Your answer will very much appreciated.


  3. I’m very new to Houdini. I just downloaded your tutorials for the cat quadruped rig for Houdini. Will release training for facial rigs and Character animation for Houdini anytime soon?

      • I understand. I know Maya is the go to program of choice when it comes to Character Modeling and Animation but i’m determined to be proficient at all things Houdini. I have a project i’m working on involving characters and I want to completely animate it in Houdini as well as modeling in Houdini and Zbrush.

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