Maya Python Quadruped Autorig Tutorial


Maya Python Quadruped Autorig Tutorial for scripting beginners.

This scripting tutorial series will go through the process of rigging a quadruped ‘four legged creature’ from beginning to end.
At the end of the tutorial series you should have a good understanding of how to approach scripting and automating Maya processes.

This video series is for anyone interested in scripting, but will also teach you how to rig a four legged creature, and at the same time create a script that you can use again and again to build rigs for your projects.


The package comes with 14 videos and documentation including:
00 before starting – a few notes before starting.
01 placement locators – placing locators with Python to build the rig from.
02 hind leg joints – creating the hind leg joints using Python.
03 IKFK leg joints – creating the IK and FK joints for the creature using Python.
04 IK system – creating the IK system of the creature using Python.
05 FK system . creating the FK system of the creature using Python.
06 IKFK switch – creating the underlying system for blending between IK and FK setups using Python.
07 Cleanup1 – performing a bit of cleanup on the script so far.
08 tail system – creating a tail rig using Python.
09 spine system – creating a spine using Python.
10 neck system – creating a neck rig using Python.
11 foot roll system – setting up a foot roll system on each foot using Python.
12 cleanup2 – cleaning up the outliner and grouping the different modules using Python. – preparing rig for skinning
13 stretchy spine – extra video where we go through adding squash and stretch features to the spine chain using Python.
Python scripts as saved throughout the scripting process.    – as plain text file.
Final Quadruped autorig script. – as plain text file.
Maya scene with rig – the quadruped rig as created through the script as a .ma file
Documentation – descriptive document with details relating to each video, to be read along with watching the video. .pdf